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Privacy Policy

This privacy policy of information and commitments of the part of the 1000mercis Group (hereafter the "Privacy Policy") with regard to the protection of privacy allows you to know more about:

This Privacy Policy is therefore important for you, since you wish to have a positive and confident experience of interactive advertising. It is also important for us, since we wish to answer your questions in a precise and appropriate manner and take your expectations into account while respecting your choices and your rights.

  1. Definitions and law applicable
    1. Definitions
    2. Law applicable and control mechanisms

  2. Browsing data processed by matiro
    1. What is Browsing Data?
    2. What do We use for it?

  3. Your rights with regard to the use of your Browsing Data

  4. About us


1.1. Definitions

"You", "Your", "Yours", "Member(s)", "User(s)" designates any natural person who accesses, uses or is registered for one of Our services governed by this Privacy Policy, or who consults or is a member of one of Our Partners' services and whose Personal Data and/or Browsing Data We may be led to process, while respecting this Privacy Policy and applicable law.

"We", "Us", "Our", "Website(s)", "Service(s)", "Publisher", "1000mercis Group", "Group", designates the companies of the 1000mercis Group and their Service Providers which may, under certain conditions described below, be led to collect, use, store or share Browsing Data and Personal Data created or modified on the following occasions: Your access to or Your use of the Website or of Our services, the receipt of an offer issued by one of Our services or a visit to one of Our Partners' electronic communication services.

"Service Provider(s)", "Subcontractor(s)" designates any company that may be led to process Data on Our behalf, in accordance with Our instructions.

"Partner(s)" designates any company other than those that make up the 1000mercis Group, their Service Providers and Third Parties, bound to matiro by a contract related to one of Our Services.

"Third Party", "Third" designates any company(s) or public entity or entities (judicial power or administrative authority) other than Us, Our Service Providers and Our Partners.

"Terminal(s)" designates the equipment (computer, smartphone, telephone etc.) that You use in order to access the Website, to use one of Our Services, to receive offers issued by Our Services or to consult one of Our Partners' electronic communication services.

"IP Address(es)" designates the identification number allocated by your Internet access provider to Your Terminal at the time of its connection to the Internet via the Internet protocol (TCP/IP: Transfer Control Protocol/Internet Protocol), which We may be led to process when You consult the Website, one of Our Services, or one of Our Partners' electronic communication services.

"Cookie(s)" designates a text file that can be recorded, subject to your agreement expressed in accordance with the applicable French regulations, in a dedicated area of the hard disk of your Terminal, when you consult one of Our services or one of Our partners' electronic communication services. A Cookie file allows its issuer to identify the Terminal on which it is recorded, throughout the period during which the Cookie is valid or recorded.

"Browsing Data", "Browsing" designates data relating to the connection of a Terminal to the Internet or to an electronic communication service at a given moment. We may process Browsing Data under the conditions set out under this Privacy Policy, even if We do not necessarily know which Terminal You are using, or who You are at a given moment.

"Personal Data": within the framework of Our Privacy Policy, this expression designates data relating solely to You at a given moment, independently of the Terminal you use.

1.2. Applicable law and control mechanisms

Our Users' rights, governed by Our Privacy Policy are related to the processing of Personal Data and Browsing Data realized by 1000mercis Group, which principal place of business is settled in French territory, and are subject to French law and to the international texts and treaties applicable in France.

matiro protects the personal data and privacy of its users in accordance with the strictest European and French rules applicable in the matter. The processing of personal data carried out within the framework of Our Services is subject to continuous internal controls placed under the authority of our appointed "Data Protection Correspondent" ("Correspondant Informatique & Libertés" / CIL) to the French Data Protection Authority ("Commission Nationale de l'Informatique et des Libertés" / CNIL). You can contact our Correspondent for further information, at any time, by writing to him at cil@1000mercis.com.

This Privacy Policy does not apply to services or Data processing implemented by Our Partners, or to the practices of Third Parties outside of the 1000mercis Group, upon which the 1000mercis Group does not exercise any control.


Since its creation, the 1000mercis Groups has always strived to foresee consumers' and Internet users' expectations, both with regard to the protection of their privacy, and in commercial matters. Our ultimate ambition is to send offers to Our Members which can indeed interest them and which are more pertinent and less frequent than those distributed by our competitors.

Thus, in order to adapt the frequency of messages and the type of offers sent by matiro to its members, We process Browsing Data attached to their Terminal(s) and to the web browsers used by their Terminal(s).

2.1. What is Browsing Data?

It concerns, in particular,

2.2. What do We use it for?

- For making Our services secure

Legally, certain pieces of Browsing Data have to be kept in order to allow Us to ensure the security of Our electronic communication services and to detect, avoid and find attempted cases of criminal intent or computer system intrusion or violation of the conditions of use of Our services. This is the case with regard to the IP address and the dates and times of connection of a Terminal to one of Our Services.

- For measuring receipt and consultation of Our electronic mails

We may be led to process Browsing Data on the occasion of the receipt or consultation of electronic canvassing that We have sent to a Member. This Browsing Data can in particular come from the Cookies that We use within the electronic mails that We distribute, subject to the choices expressed by the Members concerned in their web browsers and to Us.

This Browsing data allows Us:

- For adapting the electronic mails to the Members to whom We send them

We may be led to process Browsing Data concerning the reaction of Members to electronic mails (e-mail, SMS, MMS) that We have sent them: was this mail received and consulted, did the Member react to the content of this mail or not, did they visit the online service promoted by this mail or not, did the Member subscribe to the promoted offer, etc.?

This Browsing Data, associated with a Cookie issued by matiro, also concerns consultation of Our Partners' electronic communication services via Members' Terminals. If necessary, this Browsing Data can allow Us, subject to Your consent and, unless you inform Us of your opposition, to determine what electronic canvassing (via e-mail, SMS or MMS) is likely to be of interest to Users, according to Our Partners' electronic communication services previously consulted via their Terminals.

However, when a Member's Terminal is used by several persons, and when the same Terminal possesses several web browsers, We cannot make sure that the electronic canvassing sent to the Users corresponds to their own use of their Terminal and not to the use of their Terminal by other.

If necessary, sharing use of their Terminal with other persons comes within the Member's free choice and responsibility. In addition, the Member's management of the parameters for the protection of their privacy offered by their Terminal's web browser(s), comes within their free choice and their sole responsibility.

- For adapting the electronic advertising we diffuse to the Terminals

The Browsing Data allows us to adapt the content or display of an electronic advertising to the Member's Terminal for which We intend it, while determining:


The recording of Cookies in Terminals is subject to the wishes of the user of the Terminal. The latter can express and change these wishes at any time via the choices offered to him by his web browser, in accordance with applicable law.

In order to find out the options offered by Your web browser and the practical details for the deletion of Cookie files stored in Your Terminal, according to the browsers installed on your Terminal, We invite You to consult the "Vos Traces" ("Your Traces") section of the French Data Protection Authority (Commission Nationale de l'Informatique et des Libertés / CNIL) website:

- Acceptance of Cookies

If, in Your web browser, You have accepted the recording of Cookies in Your Terminal, the Cookies that We issue can be temporarily stored in a dedicated area of your Terminal. In these cases, We can carry out the processing of Your Browsing Data described above.

- Refusal and deletion of Cookies

If, in Your web browser, You have refused the recording of Cookies on Your Terminal, or if You delete the Cookies that We have recorded there, We will not be (or will no longer be) able to carry out the processing of Your Browsing Data described above.

- Optout



Matiro is a stock corporation (société par actions simplifiée) under French law, held by 1000mercis, with a capital of 17,500.00 euros, whose registered address is 28 rue de Châteaudun 75009 Paris, France, registered in the trade and companies register (RCS) of Paris under the number B 521 194 266, represented by Mr Julien Chailloux, chief executive.

Matiro may be contacted for any questions by writing to cil@1000mercis.com or by calling 00 33 (0)1 49 49 06 60 between 9:00 a.m. and 7:00 p.m. (Paris time) on working days (excluding weekends and French bank holidays).

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